Zulema Martinez

Thanks to all these activities, and all these opportunities that my EVs has given me I feel that I am not the same person who left. Every moment of my EVs is stored in my mind in a special way.

Itaca EVS Volunteer

Time to Go Project

“On September 22, 2016 I headed to the airport to catch a plane with a little unknown destination.

I still remember the smell of the rain I found when I got off the train, there was Pordenone, a city that I baptized with the name of ” Grigio ”.

This city taught me that despite the grey days there are always moments to find the light, here I began my adventure, into in a world that has always filled me with curiosity: adult disability.

During my experience I had the opportunity to find fantastic people, my roommates now as my sisters helped me at every moment during this period.

During this experience I have been able to visit cities such as Naples, Pompeii, Rome, Florence, Pisa, etc. Countries such as France, Slovenia and Croatia.

I participated in two formations where I met a lot of people who did simile things to mine, there I had the opportunity to exchange experiences.

I did my EVs in a small town called Maniago, every day I climbed on that bus that took me to Casa Carli, where every day was a challenge.

With the residents of Casa Carli I did a lot of routine activities such as: go out for coffee and more recreational-educational activities such as the creative office and the theatre. In the first as he says the name was the time to be creative, there were performed a series of artistic tasks where all his physical and mental abilities came into play.

On the other hand the theatre had a more emotional part, in this activity they were trying to understand the emotions, memorizing small texts, even a small work was possible where all the participants felt very happy. This was one of my favorite activities because, every day we had to confront ourselves to overcome the activity.

A psycho-motor activity was also carried out in which the residents of Casa Carli carried out physical activity with the intention of improving their physical-motor skills.

Thanks to all these activities, and all these opportunities that my EVs has given me I feel that I am not the same person who left. Every moment of my EVs is stored in my mind in a special way.


Time to Go Project

The Casa Carli Community in Maniago, viale Repubblica nr. 10, is a live-in community within the residential disability sector employing 9 workers and providing services to people with mild to moderate disabilities. The Community is always open and is 25 km. from the volunteer’s flat. The volunteers must be willing to share accommodation in Pordenone with other Europeans (even if living space and independence is guaranteed).

The Disability Sector, of which the Casa Carli Community is a part, includes residential and semi-residential services for disabled adults of both sexes with mainly psychophysical disabilities, and limited autonomy and self-sufficiency. The main services are the search for and development of ways to integrate the individual into normal life, by putting measures into place aimed at strengthening communication and social skills. The intake programs are geared at being both individual and personalized, and not just at providing assistance and rehabilitation, but above all, at carrying out a complex project involving the quality of life of the adult. The activities of the project “Time to go” will be specifically related to support to the guests: the volunteer will support the guests of the house to reach a self government of their lives and to realize different creative activities. The volunteer will motivate them during their daily activities according to their needs and skills, and support them to participate to recreation activities or basic training.