Youth Policies and Community Development

The youngsters are the present and the future of our society. Our services are thought to disseminate the values of democracy and civic participation and give youngsters the possibility to contribute to community development.

We manage community services, youth centers, counselling services in schools, develop innovative projects, organize training courses for adults, promote regeneration projects. All our services share the objectives of empowering the local communities, building partnerships and foster social relationships.

Community services are systemic processes involving organizations, associations and individuals, that promote exchange of ideas and local community engagement. In particular, our main goal is to make young people more aware of their skills and needs.

Youth Centers are well-equipped spaces where youngsters can meet and carry out different activities, e.g.  practicing sports or developing their artistic and relational skills. We organize multidisciplinary workshops to promote freedom of expression and aggregation, including street-art and photography.

Counselling services are delivered to support students, parents, teachers and sport coaches with information intended to respond to specific personal needs.

Training courses for adults are aimed at supporting parenthood, encouraging relations among adults, raising awareness on topics such as health, education and family conflicts management.

Regeneration plans involve all the members of the community and pursue the objective of discovering community resources and empowering the local community. Every year we guide the process of recognition of common goods that ensure better civic responsibility and preservation of material and immaterial assets.

Our staff plans, manages and develops community educational projects. Educators and community workers are able to intervene in the process of social transformation with a multidisciplinary perspective, to plan educational projects in diverse environments, to develop professional skills, to apply social conflict management solutions.

We work with public authorities, such as municipalities, schools, public health authorities, as well as private associations at all levels. We collaborate with public and private education agencies to increase participation and co-planning opportunities.

We are currently interested in collaborating on topics such as self-entrepreneurship for Neets, active citizenship, special evolutionary needs, media education, bullying and cyber-bullying.

Coordinator: Willy Mazzer