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MEDES: School Mediation Training in Spain

VILLA REAL (Spain), 27 – 31 March 2017. An intense week took place in Villa Real for the organization of the training course on school mediation that involved the partners of the MEDES project. Indeed, several representatives from the Municipality of Villareal, Municipality of Sacile, the Comprehensive Institute of Balliana-Nievo, Itaca Social Cooperative and IES Miralcamp participated in the training course led by the Association El Porc Espì. School mediation along with humanistic mediation is the innovative method delivered by MEDES in order to prevent early school leaving and bullying.

Social workers, teachers, educators, trainers worked together to advance school mediation as a tool to solve relational conflicts in schools. indeed, this methodology has proven to deliver excellent results also in other institutional contexts such as public bodies, urban police and educational centers.

Participants had also the opportunity to visit the city of Villa Real and other school institutes. In 2018, an exchange is planned to start between the students of the Balliana-Nievo Institute and IES Miralcamp for a first experimentation of the methodology.

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