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The CrossCare Scientific Committee at work in Capodistria

Capodistria, Odu Koper, 23 January 2018. The CrossCare Scientific Committee met at Odu Koper in Capodistria. After being kindly welcomed with a hot coffee and some jam tarts, we started working.

First item on the agenda was the analysis of the European Welfare organization. We identified 4 major systems: German/Conservative, English/Liberal, Scandinavian and Mediterranean. For each system, we analysed main features, strengths and weaknesses. The analysis aimed at collecting all the necessary elements we need to advance the research.

The discussion also focused on which evaluation tools of fragile older people are worth considering for the experimentation phase. To this regards, the Scientific Committee is working hard to find a balance among the different inquiry possibilities offered by the Italian and the Slovenian socio-health systems. Evaluation tools will allow us to implement and evaluate the results of the experimentation. Then, we proceeded by examining a first possible scheme for the cross-border protocol. This document represents the first crucial step for developing the “CrossBorder Manual for an integrated and personalized elderly care”.

After a short break that let us have a look at the excellent facilities managed by Odu Koper, we did a quick recap on the training courses for care managers and socio-health operators that will start the next spring. We ended our meeting by presenting a revised version of the Communication Plan and agreeing on tasks and partner roles. Indeed, Crosscare is planning to deliver several communication activities: a dedicated section will be implemented within the Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia website, where everyone will stay updated on project activities and check useful material; Crosscare representatives will take part in national and regional tv and radio programmes, organize informative campaigns for the general public, publish scientific articles and so on.

It was a very fruitful day and we are looking forward to meeting again on the 20th of February at Residenza Francescon in Portogruaro!