Meet Me Art – Know me through differences

The project aimed to develop an intercultural dialogue and mutual knowledge of people from countries with very different traditions through the practice of various forms of art (theatre, street art, music, figurative arts).

The countries involved in the project were four: two EU member States (Italy and Poland) and two Mediterranean partner countries (Morocco and Tunisia).

In Europe, people from North Africa are historically known almost exclusively as immigrants and are therefore linked to negative prejudices. Their culture is not commonly considered and there is no room for true and honest knowledge. With this project we aimed to change the collective feeling, giving the right emphasis on values, traditions, in short, all the positive aspects that these people bring.

One of the main goal of the project was to improve the level of acceptance and integration of differences and the protection of individual specificities. The promotion of interculturality and diversity of cultures through non-formal education was therefore the ultimate goal we wanted to achieve. Local art and traditions are the starting point we chose to begin this path of mutual discovery. They allow you to understand the depth nature of a culture by revealing the true parts of each country.

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