Tear Down these Walls!

The project involved two training seminars: one in Berlin (04.03- 12.03.2016) and one in Bucharest (05.09 – 12.09.2016) a practice period for new-learned non-formal educational approaches in the home-countries in-between them.

Participants had the possibility to learn, discuss and evaluate a large variety of non-formal pedagogical approaches to deal with the European east-west history and its current consequences. Reflecting on the European history and the still existing stereotypes about the “east” and the “west” is an important part of political education and a great contribute to a peaceful Europe in future.

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History – Youth’s Opportunity

The main focus of the exchange was to initiate awareness among young people that through their activities and ideas can change environment in which they live and show to society the possibilities offered by history. At same time through this project young people were strengthening their competences and increasing their employment prospects. We wanted that this project changed the view of history which is only in responsibility of museums.

On project we also discussed the refugee crisis and talked with former refugees from Črnomelj who have been successfully integrated into society.

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Meet Me Art – Know me through differences

The project aimed to develop an intercultural dialogue and mutual knowledge of people from countries with very different traditions through the practice of various forms of art (theatre, street art, music, figurative arts).

The countries involved in the project were four: two EU member States (Italy and Poland) and two Mediterranean partner countries (Morocco and Tunisia).

In Europe, people from North Africa are historically known almost exclusively as immigrants and are therefore linked to negative prejudices. Their culture is not commonly considered and there is no room for true and honest knowledge. With this project we aimed to change the collective feeling, giving the right emphasis on values, traditions, in short, all the positive aspects that these people bring.

One of the main goal of the project was to improve the level of acceptance and integration of differences and the protection of individual specificities. The promotion of interculturality and diversity of cultures through non-formal education was therefore the ultimate goal we wanted to achieve. Local art and traditions are the starting point we chose to begin this path of mutual discovery. They allow you to understand the depth nature of a culture by revealing the true parts of each country.

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Let's Move to Improve

Let’s move to Improve: an opportunity for professional and personal growth

Starting from September 2015, members of the social cooperative Itaca benefited from a series of mobility activities delivered within the project Let’s Move to Improve, funded by the Erasmus+ programme. Specific aim of the project was to improve professional skills of social workers and operators working with persons with disabilities and dementia through the participation in training courses and exchange of best practices.

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CTRL+ALT+ENTERPRISE, European Projects

5th Transnational Meeting

21-22 September 2017 – Thessaloniki

The work carried out in the recent months by all the partners involved in the European project “Ctrl+Alt+Enterprise”, aimed at the self-entrepreneurship of disabled, disadvantaged and vulnerable people, is proving to be extremely valuable. During the 5th transnational meeting – which took place on the 21st  and 22nd  of September in Thessaloniki (Greece) at Anatoliki SA – the starting up of two new companies was announced: the first one in Greece will have the entrepreneurial form of social cooperative, the second one will be located in Friuli Venezia Giulia. For these two new realities, the process of accompaniment and tutoring will be crucial.

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CTRL+ALT+ENTERPRISE, European Projects

Enterprise meets in Lubiana!

LJUBLJANA (Slovenia), 3 – 7 April 2017.

The last training workshop of the “Ctrl+Alt+Enterprise” project (hereafter Enterprise) took place in Ljubljana from the 3rd  to the 7th of April and gave primary attention to the definition of an accompanying system for supporting vulnerable persons in developing their self-entrepreneurship ideas. Indeed, main objective of the workshop was the enhancement of VET and local public services working for employment and social inclusion, which will be able to plan and manage training programmes to start a self-enterprise – related to O3 “individualized training programmes to start a self-enterprise” and 04 “facilitation and support model for business start up”.

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