Residences For Senior Citizens

These facilities host senior citizens with physical and cognitive disabilities and are managed on the basis of the Gentlecare© model. Itaca delivers healthcare and hygiene services, as well as socializing and entertainment services. We welcome people who are self-sufficient, partially self-sufficient and not self-sufficient who need assistance, nursing and physiotherapy services.

Gentlecare© is a systemic pattern that develops from the deep understanding of the disease and the type of disability; it embraces all the living aspects of the elderly with dementia in order to preserve their wellbeing: personal and physical needs, family needs and the needs of their caregivers. On the basis of this model, we  pursue quality of life and deliver services where people can express their attitudes and find personalized answers.

We value people with different background, offer professional development paths and establish a strong ethics of work. Staff working in our facilities is qualified and regularly trained; it acknowledges and accepts a Code of Ethics. Attention to the person, qualified professionals, respect and communication are the principles that guide the work of our employees. Social health operators are required to be flexible, responsible and empathic.

We collaborate with public bodies for services to the person, Municipalities, Foundations, religious institutions and all those stakeholders that in different ways operate with the elderly.

We are interested in testing the Gentlecare© model on people with other physical and cognitive diseases. Our challenge for the future is to envision a new caregiver system where elderly residences can increasingly act as a family support structure. Finally, we welcome studies on behavioural disorders and pain management in order to foster our knowledge on palliative care.

Coordinator: Anna La Diega