Meet the Team

Andrea Zanolla – EU Project Manager

Andrea got a degree in Intercultural Studies at the University of Trieste (2004) and a Master in European Studies in Bruxelles (2005). Since 2005 he has been working as EU Project Manager and EU funding consultant. He has specialised in project management and project proposal writing, working on technology, research & innovation and the social field.

His cross-sectoral expertise led him to the Itaca’s EU Projects Office with the objective to build new strategic partnerships and improve the participation to EU funding opportunities.

Andrea is interested in developing Itaca’s International cooperation network in the cooperative’s sectoral areas.




Fabio Della Pietra – Press Officer, Journalist and Social Media Manager

I have been working at the Ithaca Press Office since February 2001, mainly in the field of social communication, which for us means not only informing but also educating and sharing our values within the Cooperative and externally, recounting initiatives, events and projects, including European or international ones.

In all these years we have consolidated an information and communication strategy integrated between the tools and channels at our disposal: traditional and 2.0 press releases, articles on the IT Blog La Gazzetta (, post on the institutional Facebook Page (, monthly digital newsletter and news area on the institutional website (

For us, communicating also means building and consolidating outgoing and incoming relations between Itaca and our target audiences, including civil society, public administrations, the third sector and social cooperation, the media, journalists, ordinary citizens, members and workers of Itaca, not only to inform but also to stimulate a sense of belonging and support the values of our cooperative culture.

In the external and internal diffusion of large and small events and projects, we not only give visibility to the Itaca brand, but we also tell about the people who carry them out on a daily basis, together with the beneficiaries of our services. In the foreground is our value  dimension that focuses on rights, ethics, solidarity, protection of disadvantaged, fragile or vulnerable people, and that is always combined with a language, written and in images, that represents people with dignity.

Raffaella Cavallo – EU Communication Officer

After her degree in Political Sciences in 2001, Raffaella took a PhD in Sociology, Education and Social Work. Then she taught Social Research Methodology at Trieste University almost four year and took part to different university researches on health and youngsters.
Starting as a volunteer she met in 2001 CeVI an Italian NGO committed on north-south cooperation and citizenship education: she worked there almost 10 years in the field of rights as educator in school and as coordinator of European Education Campaigns on Right to Water.

She is passionate about radio and since 2009 she is collaborating with Radio RAI FVG: she designs and hosts radio shows especially on social issues.

From 2014 until 2018 she collaborated with a foundation engaged on inclusion, cultural accessibility and radio education. She had postdoctoral fellow in Ca’ Foscari University developing a research on how to develop innovative and accessible multimedia products design for all to value and promote Friuli Venezia Giulia heritage.

In January 2019 she started working for Cooperativa Sociale Itaca in EU Projects Office and in  community projects to develop new social housing models.