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“Open Day”: Medes meets families and students in Sacile

Sacile, Balliana-Nievo School, 13 January 2018. On the 13th of January, the “School of Sacile Balliana-Nievo” organized an Open Day, the annual meeting dedicated to all those families interested to know further about the services, classrooms and training courses offered by the school.

Within the event, students and teachers set up a special corner for the MEDES project, too. It was an amazing opportunity to give an overview on the last activities implemented by the co-funded Erasmus+ project and tell more about school mediation as a means to prevent early school leaving and fight bullying.

A group of 10 students, who are training as school mediators by participating in the training courses organized by ITACA and coordinated by Sara Dell’Armellina with the support of Barbara Pitton, and the involvement of the teachers Alessandro Fabbroni and Elena Camilotti (also co-organizer of the Medes corner within the Open Day), Francesca Corazza, Gabriella Ceschin, Maria Dolores Roldan, welcomed visitors through the presentation of attractive storytelling posters and pictures. It was also a good occasion to show the videos realized with the Spanish partner IES MIRALCAMP based on real school mediation case studies. Families and their children had the possibility to interact by asking questions and discussing on school mediation as a innovative way to promote social inclusion.

In the meantime, students are in preparation for the first phase of the student exchange that will take place in VillaReal from the 20th to the 27th March. A second phase is foreseen in May when, Spanish students will be hosted in Sacile and participate to the public presentation of MEDES results, within the final event of the project.