We help minors to freely express their attitudes, build social relationships and participate in community activities. Our services are organized into 4 micro areas according to the target group and operating models: 1. Early childhood, 2. Local services for minors with disabilities, 3. Community educational services, 4. Educational and group entertainment services.

Early childhood: these services are managed following the principles of the Open Space model, intended both as interior design and as external relations. Open space gives the opportunity to rethink the traditional structure of nursery facilities by creating multiple “interest centres”. Each one becomes a boundless space where children can create new ideas of game, learning to be creative and proactive. Our nurseries are also open spaces where we encourage the networking in the territories and the use of the premises for local activities.

Local services for minors with disabilities: in this field, besides the experience with minors (tutoring  of professional educators  both at school and in extracurricular  activities), we have experienced the new instrument of TEU, territorial educational units. TEU gather a heterogeneous group of people that include youngsters at the end of their schooling as well as adults 50 years old. They are born with the idea that also disabled have the capacity to contribute to the community life by performing activities such as green public maintenance, equipment supply reorder, and garden cultivation.

Community educational services: we provide services to fragile minors and their parents; our services show a community based approach and are connected with the social services and local institutions dealing with protection of minors.

Educational and group entertainment services: we promote several aggregation moments after-school. Of particular interest are Punto Luce in Veneto and Tal Grim in Friuli Venezia Giulia. In Punto Luce, managed on behalf of  Save the Children Italia, children and teenagers participate in diverse workshops and activities. Tal Grim is our daytime community for fragile youngsters: all youngsters living in Tal Grim find a family environment where they produce ideas, build social relations and foster household management skills.

Our operators, educators and coordinators come from a wide background including educational science and psychology. They are passionate in working with children and disabled and they all have good problem-solving, teamwork and monitoring skills.

We work with public bodies as well as local associations, cooperatives and private institutions.

Our interest, transversal to all four micro-areas, is to expand territorial cooperation in order to provide services rich in collaborations with local realities, so we welcome any significant international experiences in co-planning.

Coordinator: Samantha Marcon