Mental Health

We manage 24h residential services, accompaniment services, social living apartments and Daycare centres. Our facilities management is based on the Recovery model, which recognizes the central importance of the person and his/her freedom of choice; every therapeutic step is shared with the person, we take decisions together. Our ultimate goal is to work in fighting prejudice and give dignity to people with mental disorder ensuring their community life.

Residential services offer daily assistance and answer everyone’s needs by guaranteeing a family feeling.

Social living apartments are intended for small group of persons who achieve a good degree of self-independence at the end of their assistance period. We lead them in experiencing normal life conditions by providing support in housekeeping and management of the apartments.

Daycare centres offer a wide catalogue of activities, such as artistic and cultural workshops, training on entering the job market. Accompaniment services are customized services that allow everyone to continue living in his/her own surroundings.

Social health operators are the most important work unit employed in our services. They show high level of expertise, interpersonal skills, patience, empathy, teamwork skills and strong commitment. Our coordinators are mainly graduated in psychology, sociology and social education.

We mainly work with public healthcare agencies, Municipalities and the Public Mental Health Center (CSM)

For the next future we are planning to boost our expertise on social housing and to experiment innovative community-based solutions.

Coordinator: Fabiana Del Fabbro