Meet Me Art – Know me through differences

The project aimed to develop an intercultural dialogue and mutual knowledge of people from countries with very different traditions through the practice of various forms of art (theatre, street art, music, figurative arts).

The countries involved in the project were four: two EU member States (Italy and Poland) and two Mediterranean partner countries (Morocco and Tunisia).

In Europe, people from North Africa are historically known almost exclusively as immigrants and are therefore linked to negative prejudices. Their culture is not commonly considered and there is no room for true and honest knowledge. With this project we aimed to change the collective feeling, giving the right emphasis on values, traditions, in short, all the positive aspects that these people bring.

One of the main goal of the project was to improve the level of acceptance and integration of differences and the protection of individual specificities. The promotion of interculturality and diversity of cultures through non-formal education was therefore the ultimate goal we wanted to achieve. Local art and traditions are the starting point we chose to begin this path of mutual discovery. They allow you to understand the depth nature of a culture by revealing the true parts of each country.

The exchange took place in the territory of the municipality of Zoppola from the 19th to the 26th of April 2015, a rural area, which is well known at touristic level, but which preserves historical and natural beauties. The project was developed in harmony with nature, a key point was the promotion of an ecological and eco-friendly lifestyle. Excursions were organized with the aim to discover the surrounding environment.

4 groups of 6 young people from Italy, Poland, Morocco and Tunisia with a particular sensitivity to the theme were involved into the project. Participants were selected on the basis of their curiosity and mental openness.

During the exchange there were several activities: thematic and artistic workshops, games of knowledge, excursions, visits and moments of leisure. The workshops ended with a great final event: a parade in the square of Pordenone and Zoppola, to publicly demonstrate the outcome of the work done throughout the project. The parade gave great visibility and had a strong impact. It was a tool to communicate to a vast audience the message of equality and respect among peoples and the importance of feeling European citizens. The kids had the opportunity to acquire new skills and the ability to work together in a multicultural context for the realization of a common project. Using non-formal education methods, the exchange sought to give young participants the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of each other, promoting the use of performing arts as an instrument of inclusion, raising awareness among the young people on civic issues important. Throughout the entire journey, the kids improved their ability to work autonomously on the proposed themes, bringing these concepts into their daily lives, thus influencing family, friends and acquaintances.

The local partners supported the technical, logistical, promotional, informative and economic implementation of the project:

  • Progetto Giovani di Zoppola,
  • Proloco di Zoppola,
  • Pordenone Province,
  • EuropeDesk Pordenone,
  • Circuit and Films “Las Lusignes”,
  • Cooperativa Itaca,
  • City of Spilimbergo,
  • Young Project,
  • Mosaicist School of Friuli,
  • Montiale Arci,
  • Youth Fvg, IgersFVG,
  • Friulovest Bank,
  • Archi Montereale.


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