European Projects, MEDES

The first two MEDES intellectual outputs ready to download!

During the IX Day on School Mediation the first two intellectual outputs of MEDES were officially presented:

Output 1) Toolkit MULTI-MEDES: multimedia learning material in 3 languages (Italian, Spanish and English) for mediation in schools, consisting in:

  • Informative material for training on school mediation and restorative justice
  • Videos with examples of mediation activities in school
  • Interactive web targeting future young mediators, to approach the mediation contents autonomously in a ludic way.

Output 2) 3,2,1, Medi-acciòn: Methodological guide to implement a program of mediation in schools, collecting analysis, juridical framework, objectives, tips for implementation, resources, timeline and good practices.

The products are available and can be freely downloaded here. We invite all those interested in experimenting school mediation as an innovative conflict resolution methodology to test the products. The final intellectual output is now being developed with the coordination of coop. Itaca: it is a methodological guide for evaluating the quality of mediation programs in schools and will be presented during the closing event of the project in Sacile at the end of May.

Keep calm and choose mediation!