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Free to Choose Transnational Meeting in Porto

PORTO. 8-9 MARCH 2018. The third transnational meeting of the project Free to Choose took place in Porto on March 8th and 9th. It has been particularly important because it happened at the mid term of the project life cycle, being the chance to analyse the work done so far and agreeing on the delivery of the first two milestones. Besides, as a team committed to gender equality and women’s rights, we took the occasion to shoot a brief video to honour women’s day.


Universidad de Valencia presented the state of the art of the “WS1 Operational Map”, the sociological research on gender stereotypes across the 5 EU countries participating in the project. The first results will be presented in the upcoming international congress on gender roles organized by FSE, the Spanish Federation of Sociologists. We shared the presentations from the partners involved in the research with the main outcomes from the field work (interviews and focus groups) and we agreed on the closing dates for the outputs of WS1.

UNIMORE showed us the results of the ethnographic research on ludic habits, having reached already more than 1500 respondents to the online questionnaire.

On the basis of these data, the game designers together with the researchers of UNIMORE and UNIVAL keep working on developing the theoretical basis and possible mechanics for our Free to Choose game, that will help our target of girls and boys aged 16-29 to identify and overcome gender stereotypes that prevent equality in education, training and labour market.

To this regard, we had the possibility to test, play and express our preferences on the first game prototypes.

For the full programme of the meeting, check 18.02.21_transnational meeting Porto_ programme_eng.