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Free to Choose partner meeting in Valencia!

VALENCIA (Spain), 4 July 2017. A full immersion meeting was organized by the Faculty of Sociology of University of Valencia and was attended by the representatives of all participating countries in the Free to Choose (Ftc) project. The main objective of Ftc is to overcome gender stereotypes in education, training and workplaces by addressing boys and girls 16-29 years old involved in the transition phase of their educational/professional life and adults involved in activities related to the orientation system.

The meeting took place in Valencia on 4 July from 9am to 7pm and aimed at informing about the social research linked to the project and discussing interview techniques. Indeed, the arrangement of interviews is thought to be an essential part for highlighting national gender stereotypes. The University of Valencia has started to work in close collaboration with IRES FVG for the setting up of the Operational Map that will focus on the collection of regional and national data.

Ftc is one of the eight projects selected by the Rights, Equality & Citizenship (REC) Programme of the EU Commission which supports the development of transnational projects for the promotion of good practices on gender stereotypes. Led by the social cooperative Itaca, Free to Choose involves 12 organizations from 5 European countries, including the Friuli Venezia Giulia Labour Department, Friuli Venezia Giulia Education, Youth Policies and Equal Opportunities Department, IRES FVG, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE), MCBIT and Nefkis (SLO), Opcionate and University of Valencia (ESP), Apload (PT), and the Mediterranean Institute for Gender Studies (CY).

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