European Projects

Below you can find a list of the latest news related to our EU projects. Click the link if you want to know further! ⇓

  • An Italian-Slovenian model to improve care for older people LUBIANA. DEOS. 20 MARCH 2018. The Scientific Committee stopped in Slovenia at DEOS. DEOS is a private company established in 1995. Its main activity is providing high quality care services for older people. Currently, DEOS manages 8 senior citizens' centers in Slovenia and employs over 690 people, who take care of 1340 residents. The meeting focused on the approval of the evaluation model that will involve project partners' nursing homes. By implementing a common model, it will be possible to register the main difficulties in integrating elderly care services at crossborder level.

  • The first two MEDES intellectual outputs ready to download! During the IX Day on School Mediation the first two intellectual outputs of MEDES were officially presented: Output 1) Toolkit MULTI-MEDES: multimedia learning material in 3 languages (Italian, Spanish and English) for mediation in schools, consisting in:
    • Informative material for training on school mediation and restorative justice
    • Videos with examples of mediation activities in school
    • Interactive web targeting future young mediators, to approach the mediation contents autonomously in a ludic way.

  • Free to Choose results presented at the Scientific Meeting on Sociology of Gender! VALENCIA. 22-23 MARCH 2018. More than 180 experts took part in the scientific meeting on Sociology of Gender by University of Valencia on the 22th and 23th of March 2018. The participants came from Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Uruguay. According to the organizers, in recent decades gender theories significantly contributed to the development of new theoretical models, ideas, paradigms and other epistemological visions in modern sociology.

  • Towards the CTRL+ALT+ENTERPRISE Final Event

    European partnership between Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Greece to develop self-entrepreneurship solutions for disadvantaged people.

    ARCOS DE VALDEVEZ (Portugal). 12 - 13 April 2018. - The 6th Ctrl+Alt+Enterprise transnational meeting was hosted by Epralima Escola in Arcos de Valdevez on the 12th and 13th of April 2018 (Portugal). During the 2-days session, partners’ representatives from Italy, Slovenia, Greece and Portugal worked together on planning the final event that will take place in June in Pordenone and will be the occasion to present the five project outputs.