CTRL+ALT+ENTERPRISE, European Projects

Enterprise meets in Lubiana!

LJUBLJANA (Slovenia), 3 – 7 April 2017.

The last training workshop of the “Ctrl+Alt+Enterprise” project (hereafter Enterprise) took place in Ljubljana from the 3rd  to the 7th of April and gave primary attention to the definition of an accompanying system for supporting vulnerable persons in developing their self-entrepreneurship ideas. Indeed, main objective of the workshop was the enhancement of VET and local public services working for employment and social inclusion, which will be able to plan and manage training programmes to start a self-enterprise – related to O3 “individualized training programmes to start a self-enterprise” and 04 “facilitation and support model for business start up”.

Enterprise is an Erasmus+ project which promotes self-employment and social inclusion of disadvantaged people; the partnership involves the HealthCare Public Agency n.5 (lead partner), social cooperative Itaca, Municipality of Pordenone, MAG Verona, SOFORM Scarl, Epralima – Escola Profissional do Alto Lima (PT), Skup (SLO), Anatoliki S.A. (GR).

During the meeting, participants had the possibility to discuss different working methods and to plan the development of a common pattern for the validation of self-entrepreneurial ideas. Finally, all the partners agreed on the importance of the creation of new economic and social networks to increase employment opportunities for vulnerable people.

Indeed, Enterprise comes from the necessity to give an answer to those persons that in fragile conditions are progressively excluded from the labour market. Therefore, it becomes important to start reflecting on the role that self-entrepreneurship and microcredit patterns can play in this context.  The overall objective is to contribute to updating policies, strategies and measures dealing with inclusion of disadvantaged persons through the definition of supporting paths to self-entrepreneurship businesses. The project involves a wide range of actors: vulnerable persons, VET operators, social services, trade unions, business organizations, non-profit organizations, public authorities.