Driven by the desire to develop concrete actions on social inclusion and citizenship rights of cognitive and physical disabled persons, we have invested in medium-sized residential facilities that we manage on behalf of healthcare public agencies.

What characterizes this type of service is the family dimension, the friendly approach of intervention in a participative environment. Guests are called to participate into community life and territorial initiatives according to their abilities and attitudes. We focus on quality of life and personalized support.

We also manage day care centres and social living apartments.

Our staff has a multidisciplinary background, ranging from psychology to neurology and humanities. Essential skills for working with disabled involve social-relations competences, professional ethics, empathy, lack of prejudice and problem-solving abilities. In our facilities, we work to go beyond mere primary care by operating on personal growth and development.

We collaborate with regional healthcare providers as well as private associations. Working alongside the public bodies has allowed us to adapt the homogeneity of the public service model to the multiple dimensions of the local territory. The priority is to manage residential services according to family and community needs.

Our priority is to manage residential services according to family and community needs and we are interested in developing projects the stress the importance of the bond between the disabled and his/her community.

Coordinator: Caterina Boria