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Training in Lubiana

7-11 November 2016 – Lubiana

The objective of the training workshop organized in Lubiana was to increase the chances of success of the entrepreneurial ideas and self-employment opportunities for disadvantaged people related to O1 – assessment model aiming at identifying potential entrepreneurs – and O2 – assessment and development model of the entrepreneurial idea.

The first day mainly focused on the presentation of visions, policies and instruments implemented in supporting self-employment, social innovation and financial instruments in order to tackle the difficulties in job placement for disadvantaged groups.

During the second and third day of training, it was time to explore motivations of participants, attitudes, soft skills, professional backgrounds and personal priorities.

The last two days of training were dedicated to the presentation of models of development of business ideas, in particular, the so-called “business model canvas” with its tools and potential applications, to identifying key elements in the self-entrepreneurship ideas and showing the role of the facilitator inside the business development process.