CTRL+ALT+ENTERPRISE, European Projects

Opening of “Community Bike”

15 December 2017 – Sacile

The “Community Bike” shop for bikes sale and repair officially opened in Sacile. Ivan Bellina, owner of the shop, thanked the local authorities involved in the European project Ctrl+Alt+EnterPrise, the Well Fare Foundation, Coop Noncello, the Municipality of Sacile and Friuladria Crédit Agricole which made his dream come true. The press conference was held today in the Ballatoio Room at Palazzo Ragazzoni at 11 am.

Ivan Bellina began his activity as a bike mechanic in the spring of 2013 at the headquarters of Coop Noncello in Roveredo in Piano (Pn). In a wheelchair due to a traffic accident, Ivan started working with racing bikes, mountain as well as historical models. In this scenario, the role of Coop Noncello – that decided to materially support the starting up of the new business – was really important; evenly important, it was the microcredit contribution offered by the Friuladria Crédit Agricole bank in cooperation with the Well Fare Foundation.

The press conference for the presentation of the Community Bike was moderated by Carlo Francescutti – responsible for SS Social Integration and SIL Service for the integration of Azienda Sanitaria n.5 – and saw the participation of Roberto Ceraolo – former mayor of the Municipality of Sacile – Gianfranco Verziagi and Tiziana Maruccia – respectively president and tutor of Well Fare Foundation – Stefano Mantovani – president of Coop Noncello – Giorgio Simon – general director of Azienda Saniteria n.5 – Roberto Orlich – health and social coordinator of Azienda Sanitaria n.5 – Elena Corazza from Confartigianato.