Contact Making Seminar

CMS took in Gothenburg, Sweden from 9 – 13 of April 2017. April 9th is the arrival day, April 13th – departure day, April 10 – 12 were three networking days.

The goal of CMS:

was to develop a network of reliable partner organisations willing to collaborate in the future project financed by Erasmus+ programme on the topic of intercultural communication and social inclusion or other related topics.

The initial idea was to find partners to work together on a long-term (2 year) project that was supposed to focus on adaptation and upscaling of “Does Culture Matter” training programme to address the needs of organisations working with integration and inclusion on national and international levels.

However, we saw CMS as an opportunity to network and develop other Erasmus + projects on the topics relevant for partner organisations.

About “Does Culture Matter?”:

“Does Culture Matter?” was a training programme realised with the financial support of the European Commission and with participation of European and Asian countries in 2015. As a result of this project we developed a three-phase training course that covered culturally crucial topics relevant across various sectors, such as for profit companies, universities, NGOs and public bodies. Find out more information on the project website and in this video.

The outcome of CMS:

In order to develop “Does Culture Matter” into a widely used educational tool for intercultural integration, we were looking for partner organisations actively working with such topics as social inclusion and integration. CMS allowed us to meet potential partners face-to-face, exchange good practices and define possible ways for future collaboration.

The outcome of a CMS we saw as:

  • the establishment of a reliable partnership with organisations ready to get involved into a long-term project (2 years) in the frame of Erasmus+;
  • Development of other projects with the financing line in Erasmus+.

Partner responsibilities:

  • Participation in the Contact Making Seminar. Amount of participants 2+1: each partner organisation in the project sent 2 representatives the applicant organisation which invited 1 participant representing another organisation (which was not a partner in this project application) from partner countries in order to provide better contact making and dissemination effect.

So, in this case, we offered 1 place to your organisation (and we had another partner organisation from Italy in initial application and this organisation is sending 2 participants).

  • Representing own organisation, activities, priorities and challenges;
  • Exchanging good practices in the field of social inclusion and integration with other partner organisations;
  • Evaluating own interests and resources to work in a new partnership on the upscaling of “Does Culture Matter?” training programme into an effective educational tool;
  • Discussing relevant topics to work with for each organisation in order to initiate other projects in the frame of Erasmus+.

Partner countries:







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