Senior Community Services

We deliver services that have the objective of preserving the wellbeing of senior citizens with disabilities. We give people the opportunity to stay in their own social, geographical and living surroundings.

We manage home care services, social centres and day-care centres.

Home care services are aimed at assisting partially self-sufficient or not self-sufficient elderly in their own environment. By supporting users and their carers at their own home, we limit episodes of marginalization. Since we believe there is no place like home, our priority is to postpone hospitalization of those persons who can be assisted in their familiar environment.

Social centres are places where self-sufficient elderly have the possibility to socialize and be actively involved in recreational activities. These centres are partially managed by the elderly who carry out small tasks and take responsibility for their own actions. In this way, we preserve personal skills and self-determination.

Day-care centres are oriented towards preventing institutionalisation; they offer shelter to senior citizens, whether self-sufficient or not, during the day. In these places, we support the elderly in retaining their autonomy and help families in providing everyday care. All the services are arranged following the Gentlecare©  principles according to which every person has the right to meet his/her needs and expresses his/her attitudes and desires. By constantly working on customizing the living spaces, instead of focusing on a behavioural change, we develop personalized care plans.

Our work methodology based on the promotion of self-determination and autonomy of the user. Our staff shares a great sense of responsibility and a strong ethical commitment. Coordinators and operators regularly take part in training courses on the themes of seniority, hospitality, social assistance and Gentlecare©.

We are deeply interested in training and exchange of good practices regarding community based services for the elderly.

Coordinator: Silvia Fabris