Bit Generation

Bit Generation: Final InfoDay

BELLUNO, 29 May 2015. Final Infoday for the Bit Generation project: “Promoting Access to the Information Society in mountainous areas” was held at the Segato Technical Institute in Belluno on 29 May 2005. Bit Generation was funded by the Interreg IV Italy-Austria Programme and implemented by a partnership that involved the social cooperative Itaca, Belluno Province and Regionsmanagement Osttirol of Lienz. The closing meeting was attended by the representatives of local authorities, about 90 students, administrators and technical operators.

Gina Streit, an Austrian partner representative, spoke about the Osttirol Campus experience, while Chiara Buttignon representative of the Province of Belluno highlighted how the implementation of new technologies represents an opportunity to improve the quality of social services.

Tiziana Perin from the Itaca cooperative talked about the involvement of about 40 young people following the announcement of the competition “Young Ideas for a Broadband Mountain” in May 2014. The result of the competition was the realization of Carniamo and DOLOByte, two tourism-related apps presented by Gregorio Ceccone from Itaca cooperative. The creation process was very articulated and gave young participants the possibility to develop self-entrepreneurial and public speaking skills as well as to improve their sense of responsibility.

The meeting ended with the presentation of the free Wi-Fi access points delivered through the collaboration with public bodies.

Bit Generation was definitely a positive experience: the satisfaction of the participants was always very high, it counted several tangible results such as the creation of a Wi-Fi network and two apps, relations among partners resulted in interesting synergies that opened up new scenarios for future collaborations.

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