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The Balliana-Nievo School flies to SPAIN!

Great enthusiasm among the students of Balliana-Nievo School who travelled from Italy to Spain for the first exchange within the MEDES project.

From the 20th to the 27th of March 2018, IES MIRALCAMP in Villareal is going to host a group of 10 students from Sacile accompanied by the two professors, Alessandro Fabbroni and Elena Camilotti, and Sara Dall’Armellina who has been responsible for all the training activities. The exchange will focus on school mediation as a conflict prevention and resolution methodology. The key activities of MEDES are being developed by the Municipality of Villareal (lead partner) together with the Municipality of Sacile, Itaca, El Porc Espì Association and the schools involved (IES MIRALCAMP from Villareal and Balliana Nievo from Sacile).

During the visiting week, students will have the opportunity to improve their language skills, be involved in multiple educational activities and thematic workshops.

Besides, at the very beginning of the exchange, a very important event was organized by Ayto. Villareal and IES MIRALCAMP: the “IX Day on School Mediation”, which on the 21th of March hosted a panel of experts in front of more than 800 persons, including our Italian students, who had the possibility to witness the experiences of mediation carried out in the educational, social, sport and youth sectors.

Many important guests took part in the event: among the others, Federico Mayor Zaragoza, the former General Director of UNESCO (1987-1999), Spanish Minister of Education and Science (1981-1982), as well as founder and president of the Foundation for the Culture of Peace. His lecture focused on the historical evolution of mediation. Moreover, a pool of sport managers, psychologists and soccer players of the Villareal team gave a speech on the role of mediation in sport. Rafael Bisquerra Alzina, psycho-pedagogue and professor at the University of Barcelona explained the importance of mediation techniques on emotional intelligence.

On the agenda, it was also foreseen the presentation of the first methodological tools developed by the project partners. In this context, MEDES students prepared a little surprise: a rap video with a text based on mediation!

The second stage of the interexchange will be carried out in Sacile at the end of May under the direction of the Balliana-Nievo School. In that occasion, the final results of the project will be presented to the public.