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An Italian-Slovenian model to improve care for older people

LUBIANA. DEOS. 20 MARCH 2018. The Scientific Committee stopped in Slovenia at DEOS. DEOS is a private company established in 1995. Its main activity is providing high quality care services for older people. Currently, DEOS manages 8 senior citizens’ centers in Slovenia and employs over 690 people, who take care of 1340 residents.

The meeting focused on the approval of the evaluation model that will involve project partners’ nursing homes. By implementing a common model, it will be possible to register the main difficulties in integrating elderly care services at crossborder level.

We also worked on finalising the trainings calendar. In the meantime, two important courses, Validation and Gentle Care, have just begun in Slovenia, at ODU KOPER and in Italy, at Residenza Protetta di Sacile.

Validation is an innovative method of communicating with disoriented old people. Its main goal is to reduce stress and increase happiness by applying emphatetic techniques both for individuals and groups. According to Naomi Feil, the developer of validation, the idea is to “step in the others’ shoes” and “see life through their eyes”.

GentleCare© was developed by Dr. Moyra Jones in Canada in the late 90s. It moves from the consideration that a person affected by dementia undergoes a deep change in its ability to interact with the reality. That is why, according to the model, it is crucial to build a “prosthesis” in order to reduce stressful situations and any source of anxiety.