Programme: Interreg V-A Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020

General objectives:

The overall objective of the project is to strenghten the institutional cooperation capacity of public authorities and key players on elderly care in order to develop cross-border solutions related to the aging phenomenon.

Specific objectives:

  • Adopting a cross-border understanding protocol in order to strengthen the institutional and administrative capabilities of social and health services;
  • Developing a cross-border model for multipurpose care of the elderly and their families through the adoption of an integrated accompanying system based on a welfare community methodology that guarantees economic stability and the creation of a single-border strategy;
  • Establishing a Senior Service Point in nursing homes aimed at offering family support, a personalized and integrated care service and promote an effective management of public resources;
  • Harmonizing cross-border vocational training systems through the creation of ad-hoc professional figures;
  • Defining and experimenting innovative home-based solutions through the implementation of ICT technologies and the creation of personalized services such as the Care Manager and home health-care operators.

Target groups:

  • Public authorities dealing with elderly care;
  • Social care workers;
  • Elderly people at risk of poverty.

Expected results:

  • The CrossCare project will increase the intensity of cross-border cooperation in the Program area between citizens and public authorities dealing with elderly care;
  • Increased capacity in cross-border cooperation of public health authorities and stakeholders in charge of elderly care;
  • The creation of an Italo-Slovenian strategy for integrated governance in the area of elderly care.

Period of implementation: October 2017 – March 2019.


  • Cross-border protocol for an integrated and personalized eldery care;
  • Cross-border joint model for an integrated and personalized elderly care;
  • Training on the cross-border model for an integrated and personalized elderly care.


Itaca (I) (Lead Partner): coordinates all the main management activities and collaborates with the Scientific Committee;

ITIS Trieste (I): coordinates the implementation of the new multipurpose care model;

Residence for Seniors G. Portogruaro (I): participates in the experimentation of service centres;

Social Protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (IRSSV) (SL): contributes to modelling project activities;

Coastal Residence for Seniors in Capodistria (SL): offers training and experimentation of service centres;

DEOS (I): participates in the experimentation of service centres.

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