Free to Choose

Programme: REC – Rights, Equality and Citizenship

General objectives:

To raise awareness around gender diversity, enhancing and promoting a change in culture and the behaviour of youngsters when choosing career paths. Related objectives are to bring young people and the adult key-persons to get involved in a innovative and develop a different vision of the professions, skills and opportunities in labor market gender perspective.

Specific objectives:

  • to contribute to remove the cultural roots and causes of the persistence of gender stereotypes and gender roles that hinder the effectiveness of equality between women and men in education, training and the labour market, with particular attention to the transition phases;
  • to promote among the “key-actors” of training, education, vocational and career guidance and labour market system a stronger consciousness about the importance to recognize the presence and the role of stereotypes as concrete obstacles to equal opportunities in employability;
  • to introduce a useful, “easy to use” tool that can help both adults “key-player” and young involved in any “transition” phases between school/universities and work.

Target groups:

  • YOUNG PEOPLE (male and female) aged 16-29 years, who are involved in a transition phase of their educational/professional life;
  • The second target group involved are ADULTS, and especially the “KEY-PERSONS”, who are involved in activities related to the orientation system, with particular attention to the transition phases to education or training to work experiences.

Expected results:

  • Increased knowledge among adults as key actors in choice and transition steps;
  • Widened the knowledge and awareness on the general biased vision of the professions, skills and opportunities for boys and girls from a gender perspective;
  • Promotion of a change of culture and beahaviour that could be adopted and transferred not only in each EU country, but also in extra EU Countries;
  • A lasting impact on EU and local policies and make really works the gender mainstreaming approach on strategies and policies related to: Youth, Education, social inclusion, employability and innovation;

Period of implementation: January 2017 – June 2019


Operational Map (WS 1): 3 researches Mind the gap, Coming out, FtC map;

Game design (WS 2): Ethnographic research on ludic habits and preferences of the target; Design of the game, game type identification, rules and mechanics, prototype, final game release, Game Design Document, PlayerBook and WizardBook, Writing of guidelines; Training Seminar for partners on game usability game, Report and papers on the game design process and results.

Experimentation and Training (WS 3): Development of training materials, E-training for conductors/game masters, Evaluation of training materials and sessions, Testing of game sessions, Test study on game’s effectiveness;

Dissemination (WS 4): Opening of Facebook project profile, opening of Project Web Site, linked with each web page of the partners, using IRES E-learning platform; organization of Presentations of Social Research, organization of local events during the Transnational;


ITACA (I) Social Cooperative – Lead Partner

IRES FVG (I) Institute of social and economic research – Training Institute

UNIMORE (I) University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – Interdepartmental Working Group on Game

REGIONE FVG (I) Public body

UNIV.VALENCIA (ES) University of Valencia – Faculty of Sociology

MCBIT (SLO) Youth Center

NEFIKS (SLO) Youth Center

MIGS (CY) Mediterranean Institute on gender studies

OPCIONATE (ES) Association of evaluators and psychologists specialized on gender

APLOAD (PT) Planning and evaluation of social projects

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