European Projects, Free to Choose

Free to Choose presented in Bruxelles

The Free to Choose Project, lead by Cooperativa Itaca, was presented in Bruxelles during the REC Project Networking Meeting the 26th and 27th of June.

Chiara Cristini (IRES FVG) and Andrea Zanolla (Itaca) attended the two days Meeting to showcase the results of the Project with a focus on the table game “Free to Choose”. The game, a key product of the project, represents a working tool to guide both key adults and youngsters involved in transitional phases towards a change in self-awareness and community-awareness with regards to gender issues and gender stereotypes influencing education and career choices. All this through a playful, experiential and immersive approach.

Other projects were presented during the Meeting, dealing with gender stereotypes and gender segregation:

CEASE – involving companies in tackling domestic violence

AGEMI – Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industries

ENGAGE – prevent and reduce domestic violence against women and children